Exodus Privacy

Exodus Privacy   

Who we are

Exodus Privacy

Our goal
Make people aware of permanent tracking on smartphones

How we do

We develop a transparency tool allowing people to know what is embedded in applications.

What we call a tracker

A tracker is a piece of software meant to collect data about you or your usages.

Like Ogury, Google Analytics, Teemo, and many other.

How we detect them

Static analysis

Static analysis

Static analysis

Exodus Privacy Application

Exodify: Exodus Privacy in your browser

Exodify: Exodus Privacy in your browser

First results

What we did during the last 6 months

Everything is free and open 🎄

We are in the press too

We are known by the CNIL

On Feb. 14th 2018 we meet CNIL people in their office in Paris.

The CNIL will use εxodus for preliminary investigations.

Exchanges were very intersting in both sides and their interest is promising.

Even french TV knows about us

We made, for France2, a TV report about Waze application and all the "unknown leaks" of GPS data.
The report was broacasted on Feb. 24th 2018

The replay can be found on Youtube.

Our future

What's next

What we need

We are a non-profit organization animated my volunteers. To stay alive, we need:

Contributions & Money