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Decoding brand-specific domain names: Why brand TLDs are so highly coveted

With a new round of new Internet TLDs allocations on the horizon, AFNIC, the leading French Internet registry, is preparing to support brands that are establishing themselves within their respective markets in obtaining the keys to a successful digital identity.

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Afnic Fondation for Digital Solidarity

The Afnic Foundation for Digital Solidarity will support 59 projects to improve digital inclusion

The Afnic Foundation announced today, at its annual Rencontres des Solidarités Numériques (‘Digital Solidarity Meetings’) event, that it has selected 59 winners who will receive a total of €1.1 million in funding for their respective projects designed to make digital technology accessible to all.

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.org - an alternative perspective

The recent transfer of the PIR’s .org registry from the ISOC to the Ethos Capital fund has already attracted a great deal of press coverage. Our aim here is not to dwell on this somewhat unethical move, announced only after the ICANN gave the green light to remove any ‘caps’ on future increases in .org tariffs, but primarily to offer an overview of the .org domain as revealed by the ICANN Transaction Reports published since 2010.

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Cercle des .marques

Looking back on the success of the first meeting of the Cercle des .marque

Afnic, the French domain name registry, has launched the Cercle des .marque (The BrandTLD Club), a forum dedicated to custom Internet Top Level Domains and open to brands and their representatives.

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21-22 January 2020 - Belgium
Brussels: CENTR Legal & Regulatory workshop
4 February 2020 - France
Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines : Afnic Board of Directors

6-7 February 2020 - Sweden
Stockholm: CENTR Marketing workshop
7-12 March 2020 - Mexico
Cancun: ICANN 67

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