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April 2020 - N° 93

COVID19 - 10 digital protection measures to maintain a good Internet connection during the crisis

Covid-19: 10 digital protection measures to maintain a good Internet connection during the crisis


Afnic has issued a reminder of a few basic rules for keeping the Internet running securely and efficiently during the lockdown. We may be on lockdown, but we can all take action

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Foliweb during Covid19

Afnic continues to support VSEs/SMEs: the Foliweb workshops are 100% webinars during the lockdown


Afnic is running the Foliweb workshops in webinar format on its platform ré with its partner Neocamino throughout the current crisis.

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Afnic during Lockdown (Covid-19)

Functioning of Afnic during lockdown


What will become of Afnic during lockdown? Will all the operational services be running? France, like many other countries, has been in lockdown since Tuesday 17 March as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic. Consequently, the number of people working or studying remotely has greatly increased. What are the consequences of this increased Internet activity for an Internet infrastructure operator such as Afnic?


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23 April 2020 - Live Instagram
Comment bien choisir l'adresse de son site web at 4pm


28 April 2020 - Remote participation

IGF France workshop on encryption at 5:30 pm


12 May 2020 - Webinar

5 étapes incontournables pour développer votre activité sur internet at 11am


23 June 2020 - Virtual Trade Fair

Salon SME Online


22-25 June 2020 - Remonte participation


1st July 2020 - Paris, France

Afnic General Assembly


1st July 2020 - Remonte participation

IGF France prefiguration workshop at 5:30pm


26 October 2020 - Paris, France

Afnic Scientific Council Open Day


27 October 2020 - Paris / Lyon / Marseille / Toulouse / Lille, France

Internet Governance Forum France


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