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May 2020 - N° 94

Afnic Foundation initiatives against COVID-19

Covid-19: The Afnic Foundation is financing new projects to reduce the digital inequalities


The context of the COVID-19 health crisis and the ensuing lockdown measures has brought to light the role of digital technology in the day-to-day lives of people in France, and has highlighted serious inequalities. The Afnic Foundation supports various local initiatives designed to reduce these divisions and to restore the social link. Discover those initiatives.


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.fr domain eligibility for UK holders after BREXIT

Eligibility of a holder located in the United Kingdom post Brexit


Since the United Kingdom announced that it wished to leave the European Union, many people have asked us about Afnic’s position on the eligibility of registering a .fr domain name for persons located in the United Kingdom.


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Are accents available on domain names?

Can compound characters be used in a domain name?


It is worth returning to the issue of domain names and compound characters, and giving some advice both to those registering domain names to enhance their online presence and to those who cite and publish these names.


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23 juin 2020 - Salon Virtuel

Salon SME Online


22-25 juin 2020 - Participation à distance


1er juillet 2020 - Paris, France

Assemblée générale Afnic


1er juillet 2020 - Participation à distance

Atelier de pré-figuration du FGI France à 17h30


26 octobre 2020 - Paris, France

Journée du Conseil scientifique de l'Afnic


27 octobre 2020 - Paris / Lyon / Marseille / Toulouse / Lille, France

Forum de la Gouvernance Internet France


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