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June 2020 - N°95

Les foliweb

Step-up of the digital transition among VSEs/SMEs: strong participation in the Foliweb webinars


50 workshops, 15,703 participants in two and a half months: a record for the Foliweb sessions created in 2013! As a comparison, in 2019, the Foliweb workshops were attended by 17,000 people over the entire year for all formats combined.

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Afnic is taking action to control and improve the social impact of its activities

Afnic is taking action to control and improve the social impact of its activities


The Afnic Board of Trustees and the management committee spent the second half of 2019 working on the company’s new 3-year strategy. For the first time, social responsibility will be an explicit pillar of the roadmap designed to optimise the social, economic and environmental benefits of the DNS, particularly through innovation and the diversification of its activities.

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Using Afnic open data : example with the term COVID

Using Afnic open data : example with the term COVID


Every month, Afnic makes a set of data available to the public. So, for example, you can study the geographical distribution of domain name owners, the proportion of businesses that have a domain name, etc. In this article, we’re going to look at how to study the creation of domain names associated with the term ‘COVID’ in .fr domain names.

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Hosting a domain name with compound characters

Hosting a domain name with compound characters


It is perfectly possible to use compound characters in a domain name. These names are handled like any other domain name and can be used, for instance, online in URLs or web addresses. For the end user, they are just like other domain names and have no distinguishing features, unless the software is very old or contains bugs. However, for a technician configuring the software behind the hosting of these names, and the associated services, this is not always the case, and often they have to be handled differently.

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23 June 2020 - Virtual Trade Fair

SME Online


22-25 June 2020 - Remote participation 


1 July 2020 - Paris, France

Afnic General Assembly


1 July 2020 - Remote participation

IGF France prefiguration workshop at 5:30pm


2 July 2020 - Remote participation

Afnic Forum for an Internet of Trust: 1st workshop "Management of abuses during the COVID-19 crisis" from 10am to 12am - [Registrations opening soon]


26 October 2020 - Paris, France

10th Annual Afnic Scientific Council Open Day (JCSA20)


27 October 2020 - Paris / Lyon / Marseille / Toulouse / Lille, France

Internet Governance Forum France

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