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AUGUST 2015 - N° 041
Regional dynamics under .fr
Dynamiques régionales du .fr !
We hope your vacations were good. For those of you who missed the information, the latest edition of the Afnic Domain name Industry Report published in July analyses in detail the .fr penetration rate by inhabitant and by geographical position. With a comparison region by region between 2010 and 2015 this study shows several unexpected phenomena :
Which regions are at the top position? Which regions are the most dynamic?
Is there an alternative to the DNS? [Read more]
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The French more and more holders of  .fr  [Read more]
Afnic rewarded for its quality management approach initiated since 2008 [Read more]
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Sébastien Venturini (Activis)
How search engines work (In French)
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IANA transition crosses a major milestone in Buenos Aires
The transition plan for domain names provides for making the department in charge of the root zone management a subsidiary of ICANN. [Read more]
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10 September 2015 - Italy
Caligari : CENTR Administrative workshop
3-4 October 2015 - Canada
Montreal : DNS OARC
7-9 October 2015 - Belgium
Brussels : AG CENTR & Registrar Day 
26 October 2015 - United Kingdom
Oxford : CENTR Security workshop
10-13 November 2015 - Brazil
João Pessoa : Internet Governance Forum 2015
16-20 November 2015 - Romania
Bucarest : RIPE 71
24-25 September 2015 - Serbia
Belgrade : CENTR Legal workshop
6-8 October 2015 - France
Paris : Salon des Micro entreprises
18-22 October 2015 - Ireland
Dublin : ICANN 54
1-6 November 2015 - Japan
Yokohama : IETF 94
15 November 2015 - Romania
Bucarest : CENTR Technical workshop
3 December 2015 - Ireland
Dublin : CENTR Marketing workshop
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