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SEPTEMBER 2015 - N° 042
.fr is back
with his box! 

A few days ago the .fr TLD set a new challenge: becoming the ideal partner for French entrepreneurs with a new phase in its communication campaign Succeed in .fr started in en 2014.

The new item this year is the launch of the "Succeed in .fr box". Free and available with a simple subscription, this monthly toolbox will gather all the best digital assets needed to develop an online business.

You too can boost your online identity today by subscribing to the Succeed in .fr box!

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JCSA2015 Stéphane Bortzmeyer "Using RIPE Atlas probes"
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In a market that is now mature and on which the competition has heated up with the mass opening of new gTLDs, it is clear that the players are going to have to change strategy to keep their momentum. [Read more]

Regional brands are now part and parcel of the French political landscape. But how do they integrate the "France" brand strategy in general and its digital technology in particular [Read more]

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New gTLDs also have their fervent opponents. And they're not happy. To all those who see the .com as the alpha and the omega of domain names, is necessarily annoying. [Read more]

Nobody can deny that the new domain name is the best ad possible for the .xyz TLD but it already featured at the top of the standings for new TLDs before the publicity stunt[Read more]

On the old continent, the noise about somehow seems typically American, most people being inclined to find the buzz about new TLDs a little foreign. They should think again. [Read more]


Premium .paris domain names are now on sale!

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24-25 September 2015 - Serbia
Belgrade : CENTR Legal workshop
6-8 October 2015 - France
Paris : Salon des Micro entreprises
18-22 October 2015 - Ireland
Dublin : ICANN 54
1-6 November 2015 - Japan
Yokohama : IETF 94
15 November 2015 - Romania
Bucarest : CENTR Technical workshop
3 December 2015 - Ireland
Dublin : CENTR Marketing workshop
3-4 October 2015 - Canada
Montreal : DNS OARC
7-9 October 2015 - Belgium
Bruxelles : AG CENTR / CENTR Awards / Registrar Day
26 October 2015 - United Kingdom
Oxford : CENTR Security workshop
10-13 November 2015 - Brazil
Joao Pessoa : Internet Governance Forum 2015
16-20 November 2015 - Romania
Bucarest : RIPE 71
News from our members
  • The E-Seniors association, that help the elderly with digital inclusion, will organize an international meetup called "Ageing is fun" with debates on "aging well" and demonstrations of innovating services on 15 October 2015 at 2pm at the 4th district city hall of Paris. More informations on
  • Safebrands invites you on 4 and 5 November 2015 at the 5th International Domain Name Conference with round-tables on Internet governance, the mutation of the domain name world and its complete overview in 2016 and many speakers. Discover the full program on
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